Carbon Removal Certificates | Transparent carbon compensation

Carbon Removal Certificates | Transparent carbon compensation

Jul 9, 2024


Carbon Removal Certificates

At a time when climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our generation, companies and individuals are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Carbon removal certificates (CRCs) offer an innovative and effective solution beyond traditional offsets. Big names such as Microsoft, Stripe, Swiss Re and UBS are leading the way in providing capital for carbon removal projects.

The Role of BambooLogic

BambooLogic plays a crucial role in this movement. 93% of the proceeds from carbon removal certificates are invested in bamboo farmers and the research and developments in cultivation, harvesting and carbon farming. This revenue enables bamboo farmers to finance their carbon removal project. Bamboo, known for its rapid growth and high carbon storage capacity, is a powerful tool in the fight against climate change.

Support from Climate Cleanup Foundation

The remaining 7% of the proceeds will go to Open Natural Carbon Removal Accounting (ONCRA). ONCRA plays a key role in certifying carbon removal projects. ONCRA's ambition is big: under the slogan 'double nature', they aim to remove 1,500 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By purchasing BambooLogic's CRCs, you directly contribute to these ambitious goals.

Transparent carbon accounting

Transparency is essential in the world of carbon removal. For every tonne of CO2 removed, a certificate is issued, the ownership of which is tracked in a ledger. This avoids double selling of CRCs. Companies can prove with tangible documents that they are effectively contributing to the removal of their CO2. In addition to the certificate, companies receive an invoice of the transaction; together an important part of their carbon accounting.

Investing in BambooLogic's carbon removal certificates is not only a step towards a more sustainable future, but also a valuable investment for your business. By purchasing these certificates, you are supporting both innovative carbon removal projects and the broader ambition to protect and restore our planet. It is a clear and transparent way to do your bit. Join the pioneers and make a difference with BambooLogic.